Set your DVRs! I’m going to be a guest on the Katie Show!

by Meredith on March 4, 2013

So this happened:

Katie Show

The green room (which is actually a white room) was full of other women.

  • Me
  • Another ADD mom who also takes Adderall
  • A mom who is a recovering Adderall/Meth addict
  • A mom who likes to drink a glass of wine
  • A mom who is a recovering alcoholic
  • A mom who struggles with depression
  • A mom who used to be addicted to Facebook
  • A neurosurgeon
  • A psychiatrist

Do you see where this is going? Yeah. I did, too.


But it was too late. I was already standing in Katie Couric’s green room, and there were intimidating looking Security Guards staring at me like they’d tackle me if I tried to run.

The show airs Tuesday, March 5th, at 3pm on ABC.

Mommy's Little Helper Katie Couric

Apparently, this big-boned girl is willing to do whatever it takes to be skinny, happy, and sexy.

Really, Katie Couric Show? Really? What the hell is that about? I am a size 12 on a good day.

Since this train wreck is going to air on Tuesday, I am going to tell you ALL THE SECRET GOSSIPY THINGS!

Wine Mom

Wine Mom was the first guest on the show. She’s totally adorable, and we would all want to be her BFF.

I want you all to go “like” her Facebook page right now (click HERE for Moms Who Need Wine). But come back because I have so much more to over-share!

Poor, Wine Mom. She was paired up with Recovering Alcoholic Mom.


Katie suggested Wine Mom change her website’s name to “Mom’s Who Need Friends”.


Seriously, Katie.


Adderall Moms (That’s Me!)

Okay, so first Katie starts asking me about my ADD. I told her my story. Click HERE to read it if you don’t already know it.

Other Adderall Mom tells her story.

She asked us a bunch more questions, ones I can’t really remember well since I was so nervous. I was chattering on and on like a dummy; I am sure of it.

She called on Neurosurgeon, who brought a visual that basically shows “This is your brain on drugs – Drugs are super bad“.

*deep breaths*

*deep breaths*

I know, for sure, I made a self deprecating fat girl joke, and I said I have a blog. I said I have a blog twice. So I probably sounded really geeky.

We left my segment with Katie saying she was talking to Recovering Addict Adderal/Meth Mom next.


Recovering Adderall/Meth Addict Mom

Recovering Addict Mom was so sweet. I loved her in the green room.

She was diagnosed with ADD when she was 16, and was given Adderall. She believes she was most likely misdiagnosed, and maybe she didn’t really need Adderall. Her Adderall usage got out of control led to smoking meth.

The story is heartbreaking, and she has come so far. You will for sure like her… until she spouts off something about how people just need to learn to cope with life without medication.

*deep breaths*

*deep breaths*

It was getting more and more uncomfortable by the minute.

 Non-Xanax Xanax Mom

Xanax Mom is very sweet. I like her a lot. You will, too.

However, Xanax Mom is a little confusing. She doesn’t actually take Xanax. She used to take Zoloft. But she was featured in this very controversial article called, “Xanax Makes Me A Better Mom“.

She kept referring to this article in the green room, so I assumed that she was Pro-Xanax. But nope. She’s not. She’s anti-medication.

I don’t really know what all she talks about on the show, because I went pee while she was talking, but I am sure it makes me look like a pill popper normal mother.

Update: Non-Xanax Xanax Mom is totally down with prescription medication. I would like to apologize publicly for thinking otherwise. Please see her comment below.

Recovering Facebook Addict Mom

Facebook Mom wore blue.

As in, Facebook blue.

I found this ironic.

The Good Doctor

The show ends with The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor ends up being my saving grace. Until she came on the stage, I thought anyone who takes medication to help them with a mental illness was a goner.

They had better not cut the good stuff from her segment.

But, just in case they do, because based on the show’s description, they might… I want you all to know right now that she made some very important points.

  • Adderall and Meth are two different types of drugs. One is an amphetamine and one is a methamphetamine.
  • She has never, never once in her career, had a patient who went from Adderall to Meth.
  • Taking a mental health medication is fine, if you have a mental health issue. The problem lies in over-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and drug abuse.
  • Having a mental illness is like walking with a leg that’s two inches shorter than the other leg. Medication gives you a higher heel, and it helps to make your brain behave normal-ish. When you stop taking the medication, you realize your leg is two inches shorter than the other leg again.

Katie Couric

Katie is a total knock out, she dresses nice, she smells like Heaven, I could fit her in my pocket, and she has good teeth.

Katie is very, very warm. She makes you feel like the only person in the room.

She give her guests a first class experience all the way. The hotel was nice, Raymond the Driver was nice (he gets a whole blog post this week), and her staff really rolled out the red carpet to get me there.

Does Adderall make me a Super Mom?

In no way does Adderall make me a Super Mom. SO STOP REFERRING TO ME AS A SUPER MOM, KATIE COURIC!

If you can handle your shit without medication, that’s good for you. I handle my shit with medication. And that’s good for me.

I went on this show to be like:

Hey, I have ADD, and I am successful in spite of it. Here’s how I manage it… I hope this helps, you guys! After all, we’re all just a bunch of weirdos trying to make it in this world! And being a mom is hard enough without a mental issue…

And I left feeling like:

I totally regret going on the show. I think Katie Couric thinks people who take medication for mental illness are drug abusers who are faking it.

Someone stop me the next time I agree to go on TV. Deal?

This show is probably going to be a train wreck for my reputation. I am gearing up for the attacks.


Editor’s Update!
Promo video is out! I look stunned by her question. Trust me, I was not stunned.



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William Tincup

don’t worry about it… imho, more folks need to talk about ADD / ADHD… you’re being on the show is a good thing. period.

axiom for the day… “better living through chemistry”

no one cares about katie and her warped sense of reality… my gut tells me that her medicine cabinet is full…



My gut says the same…


Tim Sackett

I think those talk show hosts have those shows to find out which new drugs to take!



I put money on the fact that this sets mental health issue stigmas back 10 years.


Tim Sackett

Mer –

You should have talked about vaginas and sex toys…




I know, right? It’s really my comfort zone.

And I could have made some tampon jokes for good measure.


Tim Sackett

I think the problem is, is that your TV show selection is to highbrow – let’s start looking for really low end reality TV – that would be awesome! 20/20, Katie – you’re on the wrong path. What’s next 60 minutes!?



For realsies.

At least now I know I am not the father of that baby. Whew!


bellawriter (Nuala Reilly)

You are amazing no matter how that show gets spun and everyone who reads your blog knows it.


John Jorgensen

Damn, I can’t believe I am agreeing with Sackett…..this could be a weird day. It will be awesome.



I have been reading your blog for awhile now, way before it became famous. You are great and I love your blog. You are REAL about your shortcomings and how awesome you are. Usually all in the same post!

Parenting is hard work, working full time and parenting is super hard work. We should all be supportive of each other and not trying to tear each other down. (DO YOU HEAR ME KATIE) What works for one will not work for the other! (Still talking to you Katie). It will be fine, haters are going to hate, then there are the rest of us that are still in your corner! Chin up Buttercup, one dumb talk show in its first year is not going to make or break you!



Jasmine’s comment needs a *Like* button.


Katie Driscoll

AWWWW crap! I’m sorry it put you in a position that makes you uncomfortable. Coming from a girl who has been on Paxil for 11 years to deal with anxiety disease I am proud of you. I would be proud of you even if I wasn’t a girl who has a mental health related disease. I look at it this way…if I was a diabetic I would take insulin to regulate it, right? Right. I have low serotonin, so I essentially take serotonin. I’m not sure I see a different. And please don’t anyone point it out if there is one b/c I’ll get all crazy anxious and start web md’ing what’s wrong with me. You’re great Mer…and the few nay sayers can’t change that.



Marile Borden

Wine Mom here. Thanks for your sweet comments.

Is it me, or do you feel like they are promo-ing a completely different show than we were on? I’m still trying to figure out how I missed the part about being sexy, skinny Mom. Because I totally tuned in for that!

I am quite sure you did nothing to damage your reputation. Though I was, admittedly, in a “what the hell just happened” stupor during your segment (which was right after mine). Have an interesting update for you though… email me!

Oh, and I am totally your new fav follower.




I was actually FUMING while reading the promos for the show. No, that is not the show we did.

Emailing now.

And again, I loved meeting you. So if nothing else, at least we have that.


Marile Borden

OK… just saw the VIDEO promo for the show! Even worse!!



Are you fucking kidding me?

It looks like I was stunned by her question!

OMG. Send me some wine through your USB port. I need a drink to cope with going on this show.



I have to say I tuned out after Marile’s segment … saw the agenda and didn’t like it. Just posted a comment on Katie Couric’s site, which my husband thought was silly because it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Who knows … if the show gets enough complaints, maybe they’ll have to address it. If nothing else, I got to vent because I’m so angry for you. :)


Marile Borden

Oh… but I disagree with your comment about the Green Room being white. It was totally Green! (Sort of minty, actually…)



I was probably so high on Adderall that I couldn’t tell what colors were what anymore.


JD Bailey @ Honest Mom

Green room was totally green. Mint green. You’re color-blind, girl. 😉


Keri Cote

Wow! After all the buildup I’ve heard and read, I can’t wait to see how Katie and her producers edit and spin to make a few hard-working moms look terrible. It seems there always has to be an ulterior motive to make something sensational. This is precisely why I stay away from all of those shows. But I will tune in for this one, and root for the Moms all he way!



After watching the segment, my only response to the producers/other fancy people on the show is “biiiitch…”

You see, this is why I watch PBS. Rick Steves never spins a story to get better ratings.



Clearly, anyone in the “you don’t need meds” boat isn’t married to a person with ADD/ADHD that is going un-medicated because they fear the doctor will think they are drug-seeking. It’s extraordinarily difficult on a day to day basis.


Allison Alsop

I am a friend of Meredith’s and have been since Kindergarten. I am also a therapist who has worked with addiction and mental; I also have ADD and ADHD. Meredith gave my name to the shows producer as they needed additional guests for this segment. I was called by a producer and interviewed with her for 20 minutes. I immediately felt uncomfortable with the questions I was asked about “my addiction”, and was very vocal about the benefits of treating ADD like any other disease. I specifically asked if this show was going to place a positive light on mental health as there was no way I would go on air in my profession for something derogatory. I was lied to. Meredith was lied to. I can tell you she was armed with every piece of information needed to advocate her position, because I grilled her, and it will be edited. So if Meredith is an addict then I am too; see you in rehab bee-otch. Also, Meredith please inform your readers why I was not a guest… It’s relevant.



They didn’t want Allison because they wanted a more normal mom who didn’t know so much about the medical field.


Elizabeth Lalli-Reese

Dude, I was on Adderall for almost 10 years. I’d still be on it if it didn’t make my teeth absolutely horrible and have cavities ala meth mouth. Adderall made me feel HUMAN, like everyone else, and like I could actually have a conversation or do work in a linear fashion rather than like a roller coaster. Agree with Tincup— better living through chemistry. Don’t listen to the haters. People who hate usually have their own issues that they are trying to hide. Ours are out there for the world to see. :)


Char Snyder

Meredith – I am sorry this turned into a negative experience for you! Hold your head up – in your Mom’s words, you remembered who you are! I’ll be watching but not for the fun of it and it will be the last Katie Couric show I watch! XOXO



Deep breaths. Deep breaths.



First; you do what you need to do-and unless it is illegal nobody, should be allowed to judge you. Your family, friends, and employers adore you, clearly you are rocking life.

Second; You are super pretty, funny, and should totally be a Dixi Chick.

(Hope that counters at least one negative comment you may get)


JD Bailey @ Honest Mom

Hi! It’s me, the non-Xanax mom! 😉

God, this whole thing with the Xanax article is confusing, isn’t it? Here’s the scoop. I am PRO-MEDS! Yay for meds! Meds rock!

When I was interviewed for the article, I was in the midst of taking a hiatus from antidepressants. I was sick of the side effects and wanted to see if I could manage my depression in other ways and without meds. Didn’t work. Now I take Celexa and I’m doing really well.

My interview with Katie is me explaining how moms should NOT be ashamed of depression and should NOT be ashamed to take meds – and me encouraging struggling moms to get help.

On my blog I write openly and honestly about my experiences with depression, with lots of humor and parenting posts sprinkled around. I’m an advocate for moms with depression. That’s my thing.

If you can, I’d deeply appreciate it if you’d correct the description of me in your post. Because I am faaaaar from being anti-meds. :-)




And I would like to apologize for my mistake.


JD Bailey @ Honest Mom

Thanks so much! You rock. Let’s tweet tomorrow. I’m going to be FREAKING OUT a little. Maybe. Eeeeeks!



JD Bailey,
I have been following your blog for a few months & throughly enjoy that you are exactly who you say you are…an Honest Mom. Who cares if you need meds or a quiet space or a vacation away from your kids/husband every once in awhile; it’s your life. I want moms & all women for that matter, to do what they need to do to be the best people that they can be, without hurting themselves or anyone else.

I only watched the Katie show today to catch a glimpse of you, but in the process I “met” some other women, namely Meredith, who I found relatable, interesting & informative. I applaud you all for being brave enough to face the cameras & the questions, when it is so much easier to remain anonymous behind the keyboard. As you will see in the coming days, critics will come out of the woodwork, some will bite, others will bicker with your supporters, they may even belittle or berate you, but under no circumstances can you let them back you into a corner…they can’t beat you, even if they fight dirty!!

Remember, there may be madness in your life, but those who survive are the ones with the methods to cope!! :-)



Maybe this will be like on Maury where they promo an episode all like “My grandma seduced my baby’s daddy in a pick-up truck” but then you find out it was a mom instead of a grandma and the pick-up truck was just a Ford Focus.


I'm a mom and I like to drink alcohol

Did anyone ask Katie if she’d be willing to pay for you all to have her entourage that probably parents for her so she doesn’t have to which is why she isn’t depressed or ADD/ADHD or an alcoholic parent? I mean, if she’s only doing the parenting stuff that we love/is fun/rocks, why would she need substances to be a better parent. What a beotch. I was pretty sure this wasn’t possible, but I hate this woman more.

I’m torn. I want to watch this, but I also don’t want to support anything she does.



OMG dude you seriously mentioned you have a blog and didn’t NAME DROP it, you know, give the web ADDRESS on TV? Shameless plugging is the key to the kingdom! aah






Oh my God Meredith you look like you are about to drop a bomb like…”I take Adderall because I’m addicted to penis” or some shit



I really hope that this episode does not hurt you. I think you are amazing and sharing your story will help other people in your situation. I have been on anti-depressants for over six years and I know how some people may view that, but without them, I would never get out of bed in the morning. Being a mom is hard and any one that thinks it isn’t, isn’t a real mom.



Here I sit watching Katie Couric! I see you Meredith and you are so darn adorable, sweet sounding and dressed hott!! 😉 I love how you handled yourself and that’s why I searched your name (after you said “my blog”) hehe I just wanted to say that You are totally fun and normal! I have 4 daughters ages 18,16,10,5!!!! And you are the norm in my eyes! It was nice to see you and you sound like we do here on Cape Cod, MA. (Boston accent) LOL



I saw you on Katie today. I’ve never been to your blog before, I’m not a mom, and I don’t take any medications. I have to say that I’m so happy to see your comments on the show because I kind of want to punch Katie right now! She seemed to think everyone was going through “normal” issues (grieving, motherhood, life in general) and should have been able to take care of them on their own. I expected more from her and I’m so disappointed. I’m glad you were on the show and shared your story. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking medication – you know your body and situation better than anyone else and no one should ever make you question that!!



I just watched the show. You didn’t name your blog, but I googled your name to find it. I am so glad I did. You and the other women seemed so normal and it was obvious Katie was making all of you uncomfortable. It is also obvious all of you came on the show to openly discuss and share your stories. By the way, the “glug, glug” thing Katie did with the mom who drinks wine was very uncalled for. I think what most moms will get out of this episode is an appreciation for all you having the courage to share your struggles and solutions. Don’t worry at all about the people with negative thoughts, but be proud that all of you probably helped a lot of women today. I think those are the ones who will google you and find your blog and information. Like I just did!


Debbie from Illinois

Meridith, you were wonderful!!!!

I found Katie to be the awkward one!



I thought you were great! My husband takes Adderal for ADD as well. I think you handled the questions great even when she was trying to trap you. It has helped my husband to be more focused and organized whch makes him a better husband and father instead of always wondering why the monkey is wearing pants 😉 There is nothing addictive or wrong about something that betters your life and makes you feel like you can handle things less chaoticly



I watched a little but got annoyed with Katie. She has no idea. Her life is so far removed from normal that she can have no idea how it is to deal with day to day issues that mothers do. Considering they didn’t want your friend because she would actually turn the show into truth and had a positive spin on medication speak volumes. I’m not on meds but I probably should be for something. I have 2 year old twins, a 5 year old and I am a full time teacher. I’m losing it most days!


Jana (@jana0926)

I don’t even know what to say that others haven’t said. You were amazing and honest and well, YOU. I can’t believe the lengths people (read: TV Show People) will go to for ratings, especially setting back mental health awareness in the process. Also, THANK GOD FOR ZOLOFT!



I just watched the clip and read all the blogs, and I think you did GREAT ! I’ve never taken anything for depression or anything like that, but I have noticed since I’ve been back in school that I have ZERO concentration. So maybe I should.



Sounds like Katie needs to go back to just stating the facts, i.e. the news, but wait, no one liked her doing that either! She is a sellout for money and fame, she obviously doesn’t care about the people on her talk show. I never thought I would say this but, I miss Oprah!
Hang in there Meredith, Katie is a nobody, going nowhere. Loved your comment about her picking out a great sleeveless dress for hell! I have never watched her show and now I never will.
You Go Girlfriend! You Rock!


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