Romantic Gestures

by Meredith on October 12, 2012

The other day I posted this photo on Facebook, and joked that I am covered in velcro. Mainly because, I am.

Someone emailed it to me, I have no idea where it came from. But if you created this, I love you.

Anyway, my friend, Cas, said that her husband does all of these romantic things for her.

I openly said my husband does no romantic things for me.

But guess what you guys, I WAS SO WRONG! Because later that same day, this happened:

I think it should be noted, he was at bowling league when I sent this message, I was home with the children, and some of them were already in bed when Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit. I was totally stuck, with nothing. NOT ONE THING after Lilah had stuck “Mommy Band-Aids” all over her room.

When Shaun came home, I had fallen asleep in the diaper, and he woke me up to this:

Which? For our relationship? Is the most romantic thing in the world. Yeah.

I love that man. And I been shaving my legs for him. He’s sort of worth it.

Is your significant other romantic? If so, how?



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Yes! The same thing happened here a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling miserable and crampy because Aunt Flo came to town. I realized I was out of tampons and screamed a couple of foul words from the bathroom and then started getting ready to run to the store. My husband then offered to go buy them for me. He actually OFFERED! That was a first. If I wasn’t so miserable he totally would’ve got a BJ or at least a handy that night.


Erin @ Miss Lifesaver

Is it you who has an irrational fear of tampons? Because I have that same fear of pads… since, as you’ve demonstrated, they’re like wearing diapers. I just can’t do it.



haha! That is so funny and I’m glad I’m not the only who has put in that same request to their husband! BTW – your twitter post about morning sex definitely a NO in my book …. totally a guy thing and I so would have jumped in on the convo on twitter but my husband’s on twitter and yeah , well not looking to get into that conversation with him! lol Nice to follow another Ohio blogger! 😉



OMG, that pic of the text exchange made me laugh so hard I am sort of wishing I was actually wearing a diaper right now….

You guys are adorable. Love it.


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