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by Meredith on October 24, 2011

It’s Monday.  The most magical day of the week for me.

On Monday’s at 7:30PM EST – it’s Brittany & Meredith LIVE!  I love this talk radio show more than new shoes.  And dudes, that’s a lot.

Click here:  You can tune in here to us live tonight at 7:30PM  EST.

Tonight show is going to be particularly fun.

Brittany recently confessed to me that she has had sex with children in her bed.  Well, not with the children in her bed, but with Andy while children are in her bed.  I am making her discuss this on the air.  Because, really, I am shocked.

And Brittany calls me a bad parent for allowing my children to drink Mercy the Hangover Drink.  But it has vitamins, you guys.  I think it’s totally fine.  And they never get sick anymore.

We also address your listener emails and talk to a few awesome callers.

If you miss the show, you can get us on iTunes or on my site by tomorrow morning.

Here’s our shows in case you’ve missed them.  They’re pretty freaking epic. Episode 5 was last week. My big brother even made an appearance.



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I don’t know why, but I have a feeling tonight’s show will be the best one yet….LOL! Can’t wait to listen to it. :-)



Loved it, even though “red rocket” isn’t nearly as fun to hear in the Fargo accent as “back whacker.”

You ladies rock. And there’s approximately $2.43 in the Get Kristen Drunk with Brittany and Meredith Fund. So that’s like…halfway there, right?


Amanda @ Tales of an Amateur Mommy

I LOVE your show. It makes me feel like a normal adult when I have to listen to freakin’ PBS kids cartoons and toddler babble all day. On the downside, my husband says I swear more now. I totally blame this on you and Brittany.


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