It’s My Birthday Week!

by Meredith on November 3, 2012

Well, here we are again. My birthday week. WOO-HOO!

I embrace the birthdays. I don’t cry about getting older. As a matter of fact, I like it. I’m in my thirties, and I’m cool with that. I feel more relevant.

Now I can look at people in their twenties and roll my eyes at them. What does a twenty-something know anyway? After all, as my friend Audrey will tell you, you don’t even count as a person until you’re in your thirties.

I’ll be 33-years-old on Thursday. We’re celebrating all week.

I’ve already ordered my “To: Me / From: Me” birthday presents.

These are from Nine West:

These are from Fergie (She has shoes? Who knew?)

This is a splurge for me on shoes, especially since I beat the heck out of them. I like the $30-on-sale-pair most days. But, hey, it’s my birthday! Go big or go home!

Shaun sucks at giving me gifts. When we first began dating, I would say, “Just get me whatever. I’m not picky.”

But I quickly realized I was picky! I am super picky! Seriously, another gift card to Best Buy? An ugly scarf? Uggs? I hate Uggs!

So then I decided I would literally spell out what I wanted, but I would still wind up with something else. And that made me hate him. No one wants to feel hate as they open their birthday presents. And I know that sounds really spoiled, but GOOD GOD MAN, I GAVE YOU A PICTURE AND WHERE TO BUY IT!

My mom told me not to be mad anymore, and she told me my dad is the same way. She shared with me the secret to happy birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmases.

Meredith, some men just don’t understand. Buy your own gifts for yourself. Tell him you handled it. And get exactly what you want.

So that’s what I do! I get exactly what I want, when I want it, and he never has to worry, and I never have to be mad.

Hell, I even plan my own parties. I invite who I like, who I actually want to see, and we go where I want to go, and we do what I want to do.

Which is always karaoke or dancing.

So there you go, girls. That’s how you pull of perfect birthdays. You do it all by yourself, and you bring your husband along for the ride. You’re welcome!

Do you plan your own birthdays? Or do you like the surprise of it all?



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Wait until your 40’s. You’ll buy bigger gifts, plan bigger parties (in which you hand your husband the bill), and plot an entire day to yourself to shop like a big girl. I speak from experience 😉



Cannot wait!



And when you are fifty something you continue the tradition but you just buy for yourself whenever you want…not just your birthday!!! Happy birthday!!



I love getting older! I can’t wait!



…and when you are sixty something, he just writes out the check and you still get to go get what you want! LOL When it’s something really big (like I’m getting new cabinets and granite countertops for our winter home, it’s an anniversary present)! Ha!



Tell Dad to call Shaun and let him know I also want new counters.



Well, this year I got tires. (Which I totally needed and could not really afford all at once! haha)
My boyfriend is pretty good at gift giving, so I just give him guidelines and hope for the best. 😉



Tires are a nice gift!



My boyfriend is a pretty good gift giver. For Christmas, he paid to get my highlights done (and sat there while I got them), got me a pearl jewelry set for my birthday and is getting me a radio/CD player for my truck for our anniversary. Oh, and for Valentines Day, paid for half my truck. Hes pretty damn awesome with gifts but I never know what to get him!



My favorite part is that he sat there while you had them done.



I buy my own stuff for Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. Just had my 41st on the 1st and came home with bags of stuff and told my kids and husband “Happy birthday to me!!” – works out great:)



Good! I’m glad I am not alone in being happy with getting myself gifts.


Belle Vierge

My boyfriend is a pretty good gift-giver, although he had help (I wrote him a gift-giving guide before Christmas last year). He made me the Mirror of Erised (from Harry Potter) for Christmas. For my birthday, he bought me four pillows (I was moving into my first unfurnished apartment, with almost nothing). For our anniversary, he bought me a timeturner (also from Harry Potter), which was EXACTLY what I wanted.

He also gives me little presents all the time, like a new webcam when we were still long-distance and a mini Coke fridge so I could keep my Diet Cokes next to my bed.



I need to take notes. So smart!
Did you know Zullily has Fergie a lot on their site? I like buying from there because I free like a ‘rich girl’ but I buy at ‘poor girl’ prices!



My hubby is great at coming up with gifts on his own. The thing that pisses me off, tho, is that when I do ask for something specific, I want what I asked for! For example, I asked for an ipod a few years ago. He got me some other brand that he said was better than an ipod. I didn’t ask for “other brand,” I wanted ipod, cuz that’s what all the cool kids have! I know I sound ungrateful that he actually put some thought and research into what he was getting me, but maybe I did the same thing before I asked for it.


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