Case of the Mondays: I Recruit People Using Facebook

by Meredith on October 16, 2012

On today’s episode of Case of the Mondays (on a Tuesday), I am going to show you how I find people for job openings on Facebook.

Yes. I know.

I know what you’re going to tell me. You’re going to tell me that LinkedIn is for recruiters and job seekers. And Facebook is just for friends and family.

Okay, I “get” what you’re throwing down.

But let me explain Math to you. There are more people on Facebook than LinkedIn. A lot more.

See? Math.

This is what I’m teaching people about today at The Recruiting Conference. I am about to give you the McDonald’s Drive-Thru version of Facebook recruiting. I think it’s important for job seekers to know what’s coming around in the hiring world, right? Right.

It’s not all hookers and blow out here in Las Vegas.

First things first: I don’t have to be your friend to find you on Facebook.

That’s a simple concept, right? If we can track down our ex-boyfriends, we sure as hell can track down people who work at our competitors by leveraging the social graph of The Facebook.

I just find one person who works at a place I want to steal someone from, and then I look at all their friends. People “friend” co-workers. So this is easy, and also, it totally works.

Do you see how some people do not list where they work? Well, they don’t get recruited by me.

So my BEST advice to you is this: Lock everything down and only allow your friends to see what you’re posting on Facebook. This keeps a recruiter from becoming super judgy about your online activity. But LEAVE YOUR “ABOUT” SECTION OPEN SO I CAN SEE WHERE YOU WORK AND WHAT YOU DO.

You never know who will be sending you a message with a better job offer!

Now, there is a better way for you to do this. There is a way for me to recruit you, using a Facebook application, that allows you to have a LinkedIn-looking set up. That way is called BranchOut. Go join it, it’s free.

You log in with your Facebook log in. Next it will walk you through setting up an online resume.

This is mine (click on the pictures to make them bigger):

BranchOut just updated its system, so now you can do really cool things with your Facebook resume.

You can post things to your professional Facebook network (BranchOut is now your professional Facebook network), just like you can do on LinkedIn. And the really awesome thing, way more awesome than what you can do on LinkedIn, is that you can highlight things happening at work or accomplishments.

This is what mine looks like:

Let’s bring it all home.

As an HR Person, my company pays for me to have back-end access to BranchOut. It’s the best recruiting investment we’ve ever made.

I don’t post help wanted ads anymore. Ever. And when I tell people this, they look at me like I have three eyeballs, and then they laugh at me and make fun of me because they think I’m full of it.

Until I show them what I’m about to show you, and then they stop laughing and get super interested.

I just log into BranchOut’s back-end recruiting tool, perform keyword searches, and BranchOut pulls ALL of my Facebook friends, their friends, and their friend’s friends, and ALL BranchOut users.

I repeat, I am going three connections deep on Facebook AND getting all of the BranchOut profiles with KEYWORD SEARCHES. The recruiting tool for BranchOut saves me all the time of weeding through everyone’s Facebook friends, and it ensures that I am not missing anyone.

This is what I pull from my personal network when I do a “Service Technician” search within a 25 mile radius of Toledo, Ohio:

The people with little leaves next to their names have a BranchOut profile. When I click on their names, I get their Facebook resume. When I click on people without the little leaf, I am going to their Facebook profile, and I do not get as much information.

If you don’t have a BranchOut profile, and if you don’t leave your Facebook “About” section open… I NEVER SEE YOU. YOU ARE GETTING PASSED UP FOR MY JOB OPENINGS!

Because again, I do not post job openings anymore. I don’t need to spend money on job boards and newspaper ads. This new way saves me a TON of time. The last time I posted an Administrative Assistant postion, I received over 400 resumes. That’s a lot of resumes to read! I don’t have to read 400 resumes anymore.

So today, I am going really in-depth with other HR peeps and recruiters, and I am going to show them all the little back-end tricks, how I contact people, and how to save their company time and money. It gets super geeky. I love it. And they love it.

Well, they love it once they stop looking at me like I have three eyeballs, and they realize this funny blonde chick from Toledo, Ohio is actually onto something.

I’ll bet you have some questions. Ask away! I love helping people find jobs!



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You need a talk show.



I second that!






How do these potential candidates typically respond when you inititate contact, are they open and eager or do them think your a creepy cyber stalker and ignore you?



I’m really interested in knowing this too because when people message me on FB, i get really creeped out. Sometimes it’s people from those triangle businesses so I completely ignore them



No, because I approach them with all kins of good things about working for us. Plus, we have a really good name in town, and it’s not easy to get in.



You should do a webinar conference “Mer”…I would love to hear this to my hubby (he is not in HR..he is a Physicist/SR Electrical Engineer with ~20 years experience..incredibly intelligent, logical and the BEST part..he doesn’t look like a major geek..he is a former College Baseball player..Amateur baseball player..and I have been told he looks like the clean cut version of “Ben”…Affleck. :) (and he never talks “shop” at home..he is a sports fanatic..coaches our youngest daughters Softball team…taken them to winning a state Fast pitch title..AND he is super witty/ the point where I have to tell him to knock it down a notch…AND he loves every extra pound I have put on and taken off in the years we have been together…he hates soc media though…just a few weeks got a twitter so he can read such important stuff like “What Cartman says”…:) I should have him follow u/u him..he needs friends! (twitter ones! hehe…and does get a kick outta getting a tweet! :)



He SHOULD follow me!

And I totally do webinars from time to time. Watch my Twitter stream! They are free!


Mike Carroll

I’ve been on a run of crazy people lately as in I’m having to deal with them….lots of them. Is there a line of work where someone doesn’t have to deal with crazy people? Thanks. I’ll hang up and listen.






I’m handling the unemployment claim process for my company and the amount of people who have been fired for posting stuff on FB and having co-workers tell is staggering. More than not its been something posted regarding their personal lives and totally unrelated to the job and still get fired. 3 months into this new position and I’ve unfriended all co-workers, set everything to as private as possible, took all my personal info off and locked that down tight!



Well, that’s the thing. I don’t have to be friends with people to recruit them.

So it sounds like your job blows.

I would leave your “About” section open (so you can be recruited into a better job) and unfriend everyone else you work with, and dude, your work sucks! You need to be someplace that adores social media. After all, it IS how people talk to people this day and age. And it ISN’T going away.



At first I was like “wait, is it even legal to fire all those people for those things.”

Then I saw “phx.” We can pretty much be fired for anything in Arizona. Or thrown in an outdoor prison.

It’s a weird state.



One woman saw a comment I made on some forum, looked me up, found out where I worked, and contacted my boss about my opinion whilst slandering me as having “hateful disdain for those less fortunate than me.” My comment was very benign and I was in shock that she had misread it to such a degree as to try and get me fired! Luckily, my boss agreed with the comment I had made. Now, though, I have taken off all information that could let the crazies out there track me down and attempt to get me fired. Looks like you will not be recruiting me! Ah well!


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