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If you hate me, I am very thick skinned. You can tell me. I may or may not take what you have to say into consideration.

Besides being thick skinned, I am also extremely bull headed. I am always right. If you agree with me, you are right, too! If you disagree with me, you suck. I may or may not send you an email back telling you how bad you suck, listing all of the reasons why I feel that way.

If you love me, then I love you. Please tell me how much you love me, as much as possible. I am very conceited and stuck on myself (this is why I have a blog about me). Humble is not a word I would use to describe myself.  So when you tell me that you love me, I tell all of my real life friends and family (not that you are not real life, but I feel like we are friends in some alternate universe), and they think that I have made it in some small way.

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I love reading your posts! Your super nanny is my Aunt Becky :) You are so funny you make me want to blog about myself lol :) btw : Your hilarious :)


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Thanks, I loved the blog posts. I found this post using Yahoo search, and certainly enjoyed reading over it, so I’ll probably stumble through again within a week and read up on what’s new (: Great job!


Tandy Grubbs

Meredith, you are so funny. I have been laughing for at your stories for an hour. This is your calling and you need to be a stand up or have your own radio show. I could see you on Chelsey Lately maybe?


Eduardo Dweck

I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Cheers


Libby Myree

Wow, amazing blog! you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is great, let alone the content! Very funny!



I just discovered you when I Googled “Why does remodeling make me want to punch my husband in the face?” and it led me to your article about remodeling your kitchen and wanting to kick Shaun in the teeth that day…I have since read about 7 of your blogs/articles and I feel about 20 times better now. Thank you- you are my kinda chick



Keep up the good work.



Great show tonite, Enjoyed you guys on 20/20!


Charlene Snyder

Ok – we’ve fried about a dozen turkeys and here are the most important things for you to remember! It has to be COMPLETELY thawed or easier yet, buy a fresh turkey (*one that has never been frozen). Follow the instructions on how to guage the depth of the oil. We put the turkey in a bag, put it in the pot and fill the pot with water. Then we mark the pot. Take the turkey out, dry the pot and bird if necessary. Oil and water do not mix!! Now fill the pot with oil. Attach the thermomator (SP) IMPORTANT! Make sure it is in the oil! This is how we almost burned our house down! It was not in the oil and my husband kept turning the temp up! Bad move!! The oil ingited and shot up to the eaves! Well worth the effort. Be sure to use the basket with the holes and when removing it GO SLOWLY so oil doesn’t go everywhere! If all else fails, come to our house! It will be a three ring circus but I have alcohol!! XOXO


Betty Lorance

I am disable. He is tired of taking of me. I knew that is the problem.



I just stumbled onto your blog and you might just be the funniest Momma ever! I’m a working Mom with an only child so I get the double whammy of being the looser that didn’t “give” my daughter a sibling and I work!! Definitely have an express ticket to Hell! Oh well… I know my limits.



You are awesome. That is all.


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