Can we talk about the Real Housewives of New Jersey for half a second?

by Meredith on October 8, 2012

Okay, let’s just get it out there. I LOVE reality television. Especially reality television about super rich wives, who sometimes toss tables at each other.

It’s my guilty pleasure.

Teresa Giudice has lost her mind.

Which sucks, because last season she was my favorite. Actually, all of the RHONJ seasons, she has been my favorite. But now she’s just so… Ramona Singer.

Ramona Singer is a bully. There’s just no other way around it. She is always screaming at someone and picking fights. She’s a complete train wreck.

Teresa Giudice? She is a bully now, too.

These women are mean. Mean, mean, mean women.

Listen up, skinny girls: YOU. ARE. NOT. THE. FAT. POLICE.

So for Teresa, to look at Caroline, and state that she has “blubber, blubber, blubber…” in her dress, is ridiculous. And then for her to even comments on Lauren Manzo’s lap-band surgery? RE-DICK-U-LOUS-NESS.

And now I hate her forever.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes my blood boil more than a skinny girl, looking at another girl and making fat statements.

Also? Caroline Manzo isn’t fat!

I hope she loses her entire fan base over this.

I’ll be tuning in tonight and tweeting about the second half of the finale. Tweet with me!

What do you think about this season? Do you think Teresa has lost her mind? Or was she pushed to this point?



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i think she was pushed to that point. those bitches have been ganging up on her for forever…..caroline is the definition of a bully and jaqueline is a shit stirrer for sure.

Teresa comments were idiotic and she shouldn’t have gone there but i refuse to feel sorry for the manzos.



Listen – I don’t like what she said either….no one likes their fat rolls counted. However, the Manzos and Gorgas have been giving Teresa shit for the past two seasons – I am surprised that it took her so long to lash back. I think she definitely was pushed to this brink and hope that she continues to be successful despite her family/the Manzos’ blatant hate-filled jealous actions.

Sorry I am so long-winded (especially since Teresa’s not my favorite), but I hate a gang-up…and the show this season has been a four-against-one gang-up over nothing but what appears to be jealous bullshit. Just makes me sad.



I think it’s sad when someone has to belittle people to make themselves feel better. I’m a large girl and yes I get that but the last thing I need is someone pointing that out to me (speaking for all women). It’s no surprise that I’m a size 22 and I don’t pretend to be a size 10. Teresa telling Lauren she too the easy way out is insane. She has no idea what it’s like to be Lauren so she should keep her uneducated comments to herself.


bellawriter (Nuala Reilly)

I don’t watch any of the real housewives shows, but I agree that no one is the fat police. Especially skinny girls.
A bunch of skinny high school girls called me a heifer one day outside of a tim hortons. I was so upset until I remembered later that I had 5 kids to get this ass.
Fat shaming is just as bad as slut shaming. Women shouldn’t be so hard on each other. We should be each other’s cheerleaders!!
Spirit fingers, dammit!!!!


Tonya (ConfessionsAQ)

Give me a BREAK..anyone who feels sorry for Teresa or ANY of the “Real (what a fucking joke)” Housewives…these women are PATHETIC…they ALL have a ridiculous amount of skeletons in their closets yet feel they are superior to everyone else by pointing out the other women’s skeletons. Counting other people’s sins does NOT make you a saint..they are ALL whackjobs!



Yeah every part of me wants to agree with you but…. HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING THIS SEASON?

OMG. I am with the first two commenters, it’s been a blood bath. First of all, the fat bully here, is CAROLINE. The WHOLE season she has been dogging Lauren about being fat. It’s been SHAMEFUL. Her whole family has. Aside from black water and Albie being the cutest of the siblings (Manzo say what!?), all Caroline has had to focus on is how fat Lauren is. Over and over. And when she wasn’t doing that, she was bullying Teresa. That has been her story line. In fact, I believe she did a teary confessional about how hard it is FOR HER to have a fat daughter. I mean, what the fu- HOLD MY PURSE.

Second. Dude, Teresa wrote one bad joke about a fucking bikini car wash two cookbooks ago. Let’s be honest folks, THAT IS THE DRAMA. We’ve all seen her apologize 900 times, but Caroline won’t let it go. EVER. Over and over she and LAUREN say the ugliest shit about Teresa their entire time on camera. They also spend what little extra camera time they have getting the others to hate Teresa also. Like Jacqueline, who, btw, has PUNCHED CAROLINE IN THE FACE for doing this exact nasty shit to her before.

And here’s the thing, I used to love Teresa, then I got weary of her last season, but then I sat and thought about it, and you know what, if I had the crazy ass Manzos up my ass, plus a schemey sister in law who admitted to being shady when she first came on, OH HI, plus having really crappy legal shit happening publicly…I might be a paranoid crazy Teresa also. She is the sole provider for four girls and a shit husband, she built a brand by herself, without whoring it all over the show (hi, Blk here, again, sup), she brought her family out of bankruptcy, she doesn’t drama queen about her husband’s legal shit or that he is probably cheating on her (notice everyone ELSE brings it up), AND cherry on top, the Manzos have decided everyone has to hate her. It’s not that I like her, I mostly feel bad for her.

It’s been a whole uncomfortable season of her being ganged up on, ridiculed and forced to defend and apologize for shit that doesn’t even matter. I could barely watch most of the time, and I love for this shit. And now we are at THREE PART WTF reunion time, and it’s basically just the Trial of Teresa Guidice.

Kathy and Rosie call Teresa’s mom a liar, when Teresa responds, SHE’S ATTACKED.

Melissa is “selling the house so her kids don’t have to go to school with Teresa’s kids.” Wow, really, first, this is shitty making this about kids on tv, I’m sure they won’t in anyways regret seeing this play out, and also, they are kids who have seemingly gotten along all season, they as so small, how is this even an issue!?

Why are we making Joe admit on CABLE that he’s fucking around on Teresa, and why is Jacqueline screaming like a crazy person about it? We all already assumed he was, but thanks for making sure we have it taped for prosperity, Bravo.

Why can’t we rehash ANY of the other story lines from the show during these reunions. OH WAIT. There WEREN’T any.

Do I think Teresa should have made fat comments? Nope. Do I think she was in a rational state of mind to gauge the impact of her words after being attack for a 12 hour filming? Nope. If Lauren’s weight wasn’t a drama this season, do you think they would have paraded her out there like a new skinny show pony? Nope. Only this time, Teresa opened her mouth about it, and the funny part is, what she said wasn’t even as mean as what CAROLINE said this season about HER OWN DAUGHTER.

Also, why am I up at 4:30am? I blame Teresa, obvs.



These shows all make me puke a little in my mouth. I have no choice but to watch these when Meredith has the remote. These finale shows are the worst. Nothing makes me want to jump out of a window faster than 6 women all bitching at the same time. Jim Carey made the most annoying sound in the world in “Dumb and Dumber”, but it has now been replaced by all of these women bitching at the same time.



I think everyone has just gotten greedy. I miss the original Housewives when it was about their real life and how wealthy they all were. Now since the economy went south it is all about who has the most products to sell. Ugh.


Jane Gordon

I also miss the housewives when it was all about their money and life. However, I believe that everyone gets so caught up with these reality TV shows.. it cant ALL be real!



I am not a fan of any of these women. Some are just rude! Have you watched the show, the reunion, other bLogs? This chicks constantly go in on Teresa! I don’t know what she did or does, but they stay in her behind. If calling Caroline “fat” is the best you got as an example of her going too far, well…… She a better woman than me. The saddest thing is that so many people co sign their behavior. This is ridiculous.



There all a bunch of no talent fame whores acting like complete Jerry Springer trash. I’d totally tap Tersea’s husband’s ass though.



I love reality TV too and the Housewives shows. The NJ and OC housewives are my favorite of the housewives. I really liked Teresa before this season, but she has become such a psycho hose beast! I can barely watch the reunion shows for the NJ housewives, they get so crazy. I have to turn it off half way through. Can I also say Teresa’s husband Joe is the biggest jerk ever and is causing issues between Teresa and her brother.


Rachel {at} It's a Hero

Yeah I used to like Teresa… but she’s bat-shit crazy. Just like Ramona. And they were both painful to watch this season… even tho I still think it was harder to watch Ramona. Always is. UGH.


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