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by Meredith on October 14, 2012


This week I pulled down a post about race relations. It made me sad to do that, but I was tired of being beat up about it, and looking like a crazy person.

Regardless of what people say, I did link back to her, and she never contacted me before-hand like she claims to have done. But sometimes, when you have this world around you, who support anything you ever say, someone is going to wind up looking like the asshole. The asshole ended up being me.

Which is fine any other day because I am used to looking like an asshole, but it wasn’t fine on a subject as sensitive as race relations, especially since I have a multiracial child.

So I am DONE talking about that. Please don’t ever bate me into it again. Ever.


This week I also discovered that there is such a thing as a mom gene. This made me happy. Kind of like mom jeans make me feel happy. They go up high enough to hold in your FUPA, know what I mean?

I don’t have the mom gene (unlike mom jeans – I totally rock those).

I have to work harder at being a good mother than some of you. Thank God I have Becky the Super Nanny. She rocks at mothering things. It comes natural for her. For me? Not so much. But working outside of the home comes super easy to me, and it’s probably why I have 47 jobs, and I don’t blink an eyelash about it.

Stay-at-home moms are my heros. I don’t know how you do it. For real, you guys have the hardest job of all.

I love my children, but I’ve got to tell you, I like them better after they are over the age of six. Toddlers are insane.


We had a very controversial debate on Twitter this morning.

Morning Sex: Yay or Nay?

So far, you freaks are in it to win it with the morning sex. Which? Gross. Your butts and breath stink. No one looks good. And no one has on beer goggles.

It was also decided that most women do not like feet to touch them. Men – stop touching us with your feet. It’s gross.

And personally, don’t put your boner in may back in the morning. *I’m looking at you, Shaun Soleau*


I’m heading to Vegas this week to become a famous HR person. I’m speaking at The Recruiting Conference not once, but twice! WOOT!

The first session finds me on a panel about social transparency and how it helps you recruit people. I’d say I’m pretty transparent. I hope I don’t say “vagina” or tell the room about my fear of tampons.

The second session is going to be me, all by myself. I am teaching people how I recruit people using social media. This is a super interesting subject, and it would be eye opening for job seekers. I promise to show you guys how I do it, so look for a post about this tomorrow. I haven’t paid for a help wanted advertisement all year as an experiment, and so far, all of our spots are getting filled. So it really works!


I cannot get enough of this song (ever since I saw them in concert a few weeks ago).


I’m gonna lift this house, spin it all around
Toss it in the air and throw it in the ground
Make sure you’re never found
The winds are getting stronger
The sky is falling through
And you ain’t got much longer
Till the rage rips off the roof
I’m a tornado…
And I’m coming after you…

I said to my friend, Sarah:

I think I’m a tornado.

Honey, you’re a damn hurricane.

I think she’s right. I am a damn hurricane.

I just really relate to country music songs.


I found the perfect Michael Kohrs wristlet at TJ Maxx for $39.

Be jealous.It’s typically $79.

Okay, so let me have it. Morning sex? Feet touching you? Do you think I’m a baby for pulling my post? Are you jealous of my new wristlet? Do you have the mom gene?



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Not a fan of morning sex or feet touching me. Def don’t think you’re a baby for pulling your post, if it was causing you stress then it’s better that you did. TOTALLY jealous of your wristlet and trying to talk my husband into a Sunday afternoon shopping trip 😉 I def don’t have the mom gene, and my lack of patience with my four year old (and my husband) will prove that!



Yes! I have a complete lack of patience!


Heather McArthur Rusinak

Totally agree about the feet thing! My husband loves to play tootsie. I secretly HATE it! Lol



Gross! Tell him to stop!


Heather McArthur Rusinak

I would but I already hurt his feelings when we first started dating. He used to lick my ear when we made out. I think licking is way worse. When I told him I hated licking he was super hurt. So now when he plays footsie I pretend to be asleep and roll over. Lol



Morning sex is a big Yay! Boner in my back, not so much. I realized I am ok with feet touching, and cuddling…two things that were not EVER an option when I was married. My boyfriend, however, is the best cuddler…and morning sexer!! So , yeah!
I hate you had to pull your post, I hate people were reading what they WANTED to read, and not what you were saying (writing).



Exactly. What I wrote was based on what she originally wrote.



Morning sex is a no. At least until both parties have brushed teeth, done their morning “business,” and put on deodorant. Andy’s feet literally never stink. I don’t know how it happens, but they just NEVER smell bad. I don’t mind them. I would not, however, subject anyone to being touched by my feet unless I was less than thirty seconds out of the shower. My feet stink.

Totally don’t blame you for pulling the race relations post. Some people just can’t handle their shit online. I still love you.



I loved what you had to say in the comments on that one. Thank you.

And cleaning up doesn’t really happen in our house. This the hatred of morning sex.



I’m a morning sex person…actually I’m a sex anytime I can get it person, but I do enjoy morning sex!!

I don’t mind feet touching me most of the time.

I have a mom gene, but I have no kids…so I may never get to use the gene ever.



I’ll take sex whenever hubby will offer it up! So if its morning? Bring it on! Feet are disgusting…I even hate my own, which is how I justify pedicures every month. Boners in the back are annoying….especially when accompanied by the phrase “Honey, I have a boner” like I didn’t know? People are so ridiculous and judgy…too bad you had to pull your post. I have a Mom gene most of the time except when I’m super stressed and my meds are running out :)



1. Morning sex only in a plush hotel – not in our bed with a 9 month old in the crib at the end of the bed.
2. Keep yer morning wood to yerself.
3. You did what you thought was best taking down the post – don’t second guess yourself.
4. I am a mix of Mrs. Brady and Rosanne with a dash of Lorelai Gilmore. My son is one lucky bastard (but he’s not a bastard – I’m totally married to his dad).



Love #4



I must be a freak because I don’t mind morning sex. The key is to know its not supposed to be romantic, No kissing, not a marathon session, but still a nice way to connect before you face the day. The feet don’t bother me either. I consider it a small price to pay for getting to spend the weekend with my guy.
pulling you post? Self preservation plain & simple. Your blog your post your decision. period. Done.
And that’s my two cents worth.


Jennifer L.

Yes!! I dig some morning sex, but I don’t really want to make out first. I definitely don’t want to kiss his gross morning breath, lol. More like a ‘wham, bam, thank-you ma’am’!!



What Becky said about morning sex. That.
You were absolutely right to pull that post.
Feet don’t bother me.
I totally have the mom gene, but my uterus is broken so I use the mom gene on my nieces and nephews :)
Oh, and by the way, Meredith? You rock!



I am NOT a morning person at all. But I LOVE morning sex. Probably because I am able to be still half-asleep (seriously, sometimes I don’t remember much of the sex after I took a shower) and still rock the bed. Something I can never do in the evening. Then I’m just too tired and would be cranky when too tired and my boyfriend wants some…



I’m sorta just worried all the morning (afternoon, evening, night time and 3am) sex I’m having since you’ve taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin is going to lead me to discover wif I have the mom gene or not…. X-)



I can do with or without morning sex…I’m not really a morning person either, so it’s whatevs for me. Feet don’t bother me, as long as they don’t stink, my child’s included! I think it’s horrible that you had to pull your post. This is YOUR blog, YOUR outlet to speak about things in your life, on your mind or whatevs. No I don’t think you’re a sissy for pulling it…especially if it was causing you stress, cause we all know, stress is not fun! And it SUCKS that people can’t take a subject such as race relations and respect other people’s view. Racism is alive and well, always will be in my opinion…and that sucks too! I’m trying to teach my little man that we are all PEOPLE, regardless of skin color or disability. God makes us all special in our own way and everyone has a right to be treated kindly and with respect! And that’s that! Totally jealous of your wristlet…I’ve been looking for a good one, and am thinking of DIYing one from a man’s tie (saw it on Pinterest). As far as the mom gene goes…I think I have it, but it just depends on the day and how cranky I am to if I actually apply it! HAHA!! Totally loves ya Meredith! Keep rockin’!



Morning sex – LOVE morning sex (as long as The Hubs brushes his teeth first)! By the time 8:30pm rolls around. I’m exhausted. Don’t come near me with your penis. I don’t even want “I’ll just take care of you.” I want to sleep. Preferrably alone.

Feet – HATE feet. HATE. Getting a pedicure is torture for me. Men feet are the worst though. That scene in Road Trip where the gross guy licks that chick’s feet while she’s asleep on a Greyhound bus? Vomit.

I don’t think you’re a baby. It’s tough to get landblasted. I wish you’d been able to stand by your post and not feel pressured to take it down because I read it and agreed to a lot of your points. But I didn’t read the backlash and you’ve got more important things going on than trying to change others belief systems. It’s hard to fuck with belief systems. A lot of people are wired to be steadfast in their beliefs and unwavering to listen to others POVs because then it makes them question themselves which is scary for a lot of people. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Mom gene – (I’m skipping over MK wristlet, I could take it or leave it but it’s cute for you!) I have more mom gene after baby than I thought when I was preggers but I have very little patience with things like crying and whining and being needy. Which nine month olds (like my new and only baby child) apparently do all the time. It gets annoying. I know I’m supposed to be loving and like Florence Nightingale all the time about my child but let’s get real. That shit is annoying. I love her. Sometimes though, it’s overwhelming to think I’m going to be taking care of her for the next 18 years. Maybe if I could sleep through the night again, for like two weeks straight, I’d have more loving feelings. But right now, I’m just tired. And I’d like to be able to load the dishwasher without my little girl running into my ankles with her walker and staring at me shrieking her little high pitched noise until I talk to her. Most of the time, I love being a mom and I do want another child. But for like 5% of the time, being a mom is annoying.

Good luck in Vegas, baby! Your session sounds fabu.



Im all for the morning sexing, we both have bad breath and sleepies still in the eyes so going in you know it will just be a quicky and start the day off with a smile. Since we’re 2 guys there is never any complaining about getting poked with a boner.
The post part sucks, specifically that there are people with their heads so far up their asses that refuse to see something from any POV other than their own. People Suck especially when they are sitting at home in front of a computer monitor and dont have to justify the shit they spew at other opinions.
I can say with 1 million % confidence I have no Mom gene. I’m thankful there will never be an “Surprise! Im pregnant” moment in my house, I have NO desire for kids. Ever. Ever.



Yes for morning sex.
Resounding NO for boners in my back (seriously – what is it with guys thinking this is some form of foreplay? Um, now I’m in the mood even less, so have fun with that thing after you get it away from my back.)
Feet – ick
I’m sorry you felt like you had to take your post down. I’m guessing no one thinks less of you for doing this. The internet is an interesting place for controversial topics. Anonymity makes people a$$hats.
Wristlets are not my thing, but that one IS cute.
I do not have the mom gene. Like, if I were a SAHM I would be holed up in the closet with a full bar while my kid was running around all crazy. I wish I had the mom gene, but I don’t.



My friend told me that I have momma in my DNA so I’m going with having the mom gene. And really? It’s true. I mother everyone.

NO morning sex. Then you’re all leaky and sex smelly the rest of the day.



Sex in the morning depends on my mood, kinda like sex at night. :) But its a deal breaker if I cannot have a shower afterwards.
But sex in the afternoon with a nap thrown in – I am ALL there!

I hate boners in the back, that is not a form of foreplay.
Also my husband has wolf toes, (not sure where that term came from but we have been using it for 17+ years) 2nd toe is longer than every toe on both feet. I do not want his wolf toes near me and when he can no longer take care of his feet I am dumping him in a long term care facility.

I have 3 children, but to be honest I am a better mother because I work outside of the home. I agree with you, SAHM is the HARDEST job on the planet and I am not meant to do it.



YES! Afternoon sex with a nap chaser is the best!



Umm sex in the morning…hell yeah. Starts the day off right some days; however not sure my boss would agree because those days yeah I’m late for work. Sex in the morning on a weekend is way better. I don’t generally get the boner in the back so that would make me laugh. Our sign was always a hand on the butt. If you wake up to a hand on the butt either he or she wants some…act accordingly. All of that went away for like a year because my Son wouldn’t sleep in his room until he was almost a year old and ended up in bed with me every night. It took awhile to get back into that swing of things (not literally) and now its fun that it is back.

Feet are mostly gross but the Hubs doesn’t usuallty put them on me so not really worry a concern of mine. I guess I am just a lucky girl. He does however smack my ass anytime I bend over (no matter what I am doing) and he randomly cops a feel as I walk by sometimes but it usually just makes me giggle. He isn’t dumb enough to do it when I am mad at him.

I love Michaeld Kors…I think I’d like to be his niece; one he’d like to dress everyday preferably.



P.S. I do have the Mom gene. I always knew I wanted kids and I have a tendency to “mother” everyone around me. My therapist has asked me “how is it that you didn’t end up a therapist.” My answer was “because I am smart enough to know that it would eat me up from the inside out becuase I couldn’t leave that shit at ‘work’.”

I do love my kids and I work PT out of the home. I’d love to not have a desk job at all because I feel like the schedule of it cramps our life but if I was home full time I would still have to be working on something that challenged me and got me out of the house from time to time or I would end up in serious depression. My 16 month old won’t stop screaming for no friggin’ reason and my 3 year old challenges EVERYTHING so yeah every single day I need a small break of quiet and peace.



I hate morning sex for all the same reasons you do, however sometimes I give in as a special treat. Lol.

Also – totally jealous of your wristlet. I saw that in the Apple Store and would not let myself buy it. Love finding treasures at TJ Maxx!


Kristen @ The Chronicles of Dutch

Hate, hate, HATE feet! Don’t want to see or touch them!

For someone who doesn’t like mornings, so much so that I literally whine and whimper every morning when the alarm goes off, I sure do like morning sex! Sign me up!

Hate that you had to take down the post. One of your other commenters said it too, but it sucks when people aren’t actually reading what you’re writing so much as skimming and racing to hit Submit on their comment.



1) Morning sex: HUGE thumbs up. But I always get up and quickly brush my teeth first, otherwise I’m all self conscious. Then it’s GAME ON and the best way to start the day.
2) Touchy Feet: Love the full body snuggle, feet included. I like being all intertwined like snakes. But don’t get me wrong – the image of snakes intertwined makes me want to vomit. Violently.
3) Post: I totally missed this so I have no idea what you are talking about. But I find you intelligent and fully and awesome, so I’m sure you did the right thing.
4) Wristlet: Love it.
5) Mom gene: I have two children who I love more than anything, but I am NOT a traditional touchy-feely “my kids are my universe and I don’t know where they end and I begin” kinda mom. Oddly, I loved their infancy and truly enjoyed the constant connection at that stage. But now I’m pretty stoked that they can make their own breakfast, wipe their own butts, and get themselves to school on their own. :)



3) …. “funny and awesome….”


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