My Morning With Opal Covey. #OpalForMayor

by Meredith on October 31, 2015

Ok, so let’s discuss my involvement with Toledo Mayoral candidate, Opal Covey. 

Opal Covey was going viral on the internet. Like many Toledoans Americans, I quickly became obsessed. I couldn’t get enough of her. My friends (and even my husband) were saying, “She doesn’t have an online presence! You should help her!” People who work in social media do weird stuff like this all the time.

I decided to make her a fun political satire Facebook page last Tuesday, purposely launching it during the Toledo mayoral debate. I chose two of my friends, Casey & Bobby (who are equally obsessed with Opal), to help me with her account – we all have “day jobs” and this would take a team. We were very clear in the “About” section that this isn’t an official page for Opal, this was a page started by her fans. Total political satire. Who would even buy it?

But people didn’t care.

People ate it up.

opal covey

photo credit Casey Clark

I was loving it. I live for going viral. It’s literally my job.

But then something happened. A quick shift. By Thursday, I was learning more about her and about her past. The more I learned, the more I saw Opal for who she is… a person.

And I began to love her. She is SO DAMN DETERMINED. I respect that in a woman. Her determination is something I see in myself.

Our team has decided we’re actually trying to get her elected. 

I want to stress that. I’ve been asked this frequently. Yes, we are actually trying to get her elected. 

It’s SO DAMN AMERICAN. Anyone can run for office in this country. No one should ever tell anyone they can’t run for office. I’m finding myself hyper-protective of her. FOR AMERICA. 

I’ve deleted anything sarcastic I’ve ever said. I am not proud of myself for it. Yes, she is a well-known local (and now nationally known) politician, but she’s a real person. We’re also deleting all the shitty comments people leave on the Opal Covey Facebook page. We’ve decided we don’t ever want her to see how nasty the internet can be at times. 

I interviewed herShe cried when she realized what a hit she is on the internet. She had no clue! She thanked me – hugged me. Everyone there was choking back tears. It was a very sweet moment.


But what killed me – happened off camera. I told her I wish I had a “Vote for Opal” button. She told me she only has two of them, and she gave me the one she was wearing on her shirt. I literally have one of two “Vote for Opal” buttons.

opal covey button

Do I think Opal is mentally disturbed?


Here’s why – she sees herself as being wronged by the City of Toledo. Instead of complaining about it, like most of us would, she did something incredibly brave. She ran for Mayor. Over and over and over again. Have you ever seen a woman scorned? We look a little nuts!

I do believe she believes God speaks to her. Perception is reality. So if that’s what she thinks – fine by me. Who I am to say He isn’t? I don’t live in Opal’s head. And you know what? Neither do you.

I think deep down there’s a part of her that knows she probably isn’t going to be elected because she says things like she hopes she can use her new-found fame to “help the poor” (as in “some good can come from this”).

She truly loves this city and the people who live here. This should be what we’re talking about – Opal Covey loves the people of Toledo, Ohio. Period.

She thinks God sent me to cheer her up. Do I agree? Yes. Am I trying to shift your thinking about her? Yes. Opal needs some cheerleaders. 

Because that’s what it’s all about. Helping people who need help. Opal helps people all the time. 

Opal, you’ll probably never read this. But I am going to help you embrace this moment online. We’re going to embrace it all – the good and the sarcastic press. You’re going to get more votes than ever. People are talking about you, and some of them are saying, “Toledo has a pothole problem, and an amusement park sounds awesome! Bring it on!” 

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you win. I’m praying for you. You have my vote.

When was the last time you did something nice for somebody? Be nice to Opal.

11/2/2015 UPDATE: The election is tomorrow! We’ve shut down the social media accounts we made to show support. Everyone knows who they are voting for at this point. We hope she gets more votes than ever! Thanks!  #OpalForMayor 


The Bad Friend

by Meredith on October 20, 2015

Something like this recently rolled through my Facebook timeline:

When do you stop inviting that friend who never shows up to things?

The comments on that post went something like this:

Three times and then I take it as a hint our friendship is over.

I used to have a friend like that. She’s dead to me.

These ladies were fed up with friends who weren’t showing up.

we are fed up

This whole interaction hit me in the gut. While she wasn’t referring to me, I realized something. I’m THAT bad friend to my friends right now. I’m the one who hasn’t been showing up.

If you’re feeling bad about a friend who doesn’t really seem “there” for you, maybe there’s a good reason she’s disappeared.

Her career is dragging her away.

Story of my life. Sorry, friends.

You’re not a priority at this moment in my life. Unfortunately, and as shitty as this sounds, my career has to come before hanging out with my friends. If I slack at all, it will result in a complete failure. And if I do fail, I hope my friends will brush me off and help me move on.

So I’m sorry, but I have to work. I have no choice.

I still love you and value you, but I’m under a tremendous amount of stress. And it may look like I’m out and about, but that’s not the reality. My clients are bars. I’m actually working.

Her family needs her.

I work 80 hours a week. I have to spend any extra time with my family.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to have kids in sports? OMG. All you do is run. Bath times, bedtimes, bath times, bedtimes… it never ends. Every day is Groundhog Day.

And I don’t know how to tell you this, but I put my husband before my friends. He is my ultimate best friend. So can he tag along? I have a really hard time finding any time for him after giving everything extra I have to my children. So if there’s a way that we could include him, I could kill two birds with one stone.

She wants to stay home.

I work so hard to provide for my family, I sort of want to enjoy the house with the giant mortgage. Is that so wrong?

Can you come over? Wear sweatpants. Don’t even wear a bra. Let’s just sit here on this couch, watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix (because apparently I’m the last woman alive who has never watched this), drink wine, and talk.

I’m so incredibly tired. This is where I unwind.

She’s dating someone new.

Is there anything more exciting than a new romance? No. There isn’t.

It’s so magical! Remember when you got butterflies and wanted to be together 24/7?

Let her enjoy this amazing moment in her life. Be happy for her. Trust me, if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be the first person she calls.

She just had a baby.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

You may think she needs to get out of the house, and she probably does need to get out of the house, but she most likely won’t leave.

Finding that first “I’m leaving the house today” outfit is hell. And her boobs are leaky.

She’s sick.

I just went through this with my best friend. There were many dark days as she went through cancer treatments. Days where I came over and cleaned her house and made sure she was eating. We certainly weren’t whooping it up during her worst year ever.

Mental illness is also serious. If your friend is in a funk, she doesn’t hate you. She hates herself. She’s depressed.

You’re pressuring her.

When my friends have things going on in their lives, I don’t mind. I know we’re still friends. This is why Al Gore invented the internet. We can keep up with each other online.

I think we can go weeks, months, even years without making face-to-face contact. But when the shit hits the fan, and you need that friend? Your real friends will be there for you. It’s not about regular lunch dates or girls’ nights out. This is how adult lady friendships work in my mind.

Society puts enough pressure on women to be the perfect wife and mother. Don’t put that pressure on your friendships, too. That’s no fun. I’ve felt this pressure. Each time I felt it, I bolted. Being a friend shouldn’t be so hard, guilt ridden, or dramatic. Sure we all have drama, but don’t be the damn cause of it. We’re friends, right?

What do you think? Should you ever stop inviting your friends? Is the friendship over when you don’t make face time for each other?


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