Sunday Funnies: Husbands & Dinner

by Meredith on July 13, 2014

Super Nanny keeps things running smoothly around here. With her help, it’s all very Pleasantville.


But sometimes I’ll send her home early if I’ve worked late the night before.

This is how my husband reacts on the “send-Super-Nanny-home-early” days:

His confusion is adorable.

Is this how your husband reacts to lack of dinner?


Everything fell into place. #GirlPower

by Meredith on June 6, 2014

I’m not selling cars anymore.

I know, shocking. I was really good at it, and I enjoyed it, but something just wasn’t right inside of me.

I was unsettled.

I felt like something was calling me. Probably the aliens (but Shaun says I am not allowed to talk about my alien conspiracy theories online – so I’ll just leave it at that). There’s also this unmanageable part of my personality. The unmanageable part of my personality kept tugging me towards the business plan I began writing back in 2009.

So I just said to hell with it, there will never be a good time to start my own business, and I finally launched my own agency!

I told Shaun, “We are about to get really fucking poor or really fucking rich. It could go either way.”

He didn’t seem too outwardly concerned, but I could hear him throwing up (privately) in the downstairs bathroom.

It must be really difficult to be my husband.


Why did you name it 424 Degrees?

First things first, 424 Degrees is the temperature in which paper spontaneously combusts.

I wanted a cool name, and the original name for my company, “The Job Queen”, sounded more like a rub and tug spa name.

I would like to note that chemistry isn’t really my “thing”. I totally Googled “temperature in which paper spontaneously combusts”, and I hope the website I went to didn’t just make up this number, because I have a logo and an LLC and business cards and a website and contracts and stuff with this name.

What does 424 Degrees do?

Okay, there are two parts to my company. The two parts are the two things I am really excellent at, so I figured why not JUST do these two things? Why not JUST specialize in what I love?

Part 1: Corporate Social Media Management/Training

This part of the business is my guaranteed monthly income.

I manage exclusive (meaning only one car dealership, only one bar/restaurant, only one insurance agency) social media campaigns for companies I believe in and personally trust. I will not just do this for just anyone, regardless of how much money they want to spend. I have to actually want to stamp my name on your business and share your business with my personal social media network.

It took me  long time to build this following, and I thank each of every one of you for trusting me, so my promise is to never lead you to the wrong businesses.

I can only physically handle 10 social media accounts (I think – maybe less). I physically go to their stores, launch events, and take photos and learn their business every single week.

Right now I have 6 clients (after I launch with the Thayer Family Dealerships on Monday). Please go “like” their Facebook pages. And please frequent these places.

These companies get my personal stamp of approval:

Claddagh Irish Pub
The William Swade Agency
Thayer Honda
Thayer Ford
Thayer Nissan
Thayer Toyota

Part 2: Recruiting (or headhunting, if you will)

I am specializing in finding people and placing them, in the automotive industry.

The car business has the craziest headhunters ever. These guys are super sleazy (think: men in red convertible BMWs), and they just do not understand what the business needs. They also place people at these dealerships, and then they recruit them back out, just to get paid again! Slimy.

I “get” it. I also know everyone. Eight years a giant car dealership in HR, watching these recruiters mess it up, and teaching myself how to do it 500 times better… makes this possible.

My fees are upfront and flat (no percentages of pay – which is impossible to figure out in a fully commissioned environment). And my clients get a 30-day trial period with my candidates before they pay me a cent.

Hell, I traveled the country and spoke to huge audiences about how to find hard-to-find people. I should have done this sooner. It’s a genius concept. This part of the business is making me a very rich lady, but it’s also very hit or miss and risky.

So that’s what I’m doing!



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